27 Foot pole saw tree trimmer saw tree pruner tree saw

This pole saw is used at hundreds of golf courses and theme parks around the country.
The pole saw components are assembled in Kansas City by Pole Saw Direct Inc. who markets directly to the consumer via the internet.
Doing so reduces our costs…cost savings that we pass on to you.
This telescopic pole saw has a smooth fiberglass handle, two aluminum extension tubes and a quick, heavy-duty locking system.
Telescopes to any length from 8′ to 21′. Internal stoppers so tubes WILL NOT come apart.
A 6′ heavy-duty fiberglass extension is also included with your purchase to make the overall length a full 27 feet.
The 6′ extension slides on the base of the main pole saw housing and clips quickly and securely in place.
The saw head is heavy-duty cast aluminum with a hook for removing cut or dead branches.
It slides down over the pole and is held securely in place with a bolt and wing nut.
The 16″ commercial saw blade has a triple edge cut on each saw tooth and a hook on the saw tip to keep the blade in the cut…very useful when cutting a branch that is 20 feet up or higher.
Cut limbs up to 8″ in diameter. This saw blade is preferred by the pros…extremely sharp!
Why is this pole saw the most versatile? The pole has a standard threaded end (die cast metal) for easy screw-on/off of our PRUNING HEAD/LOPPER, fruit picker, window washing kit, light bulb changing kit or even a feather or fan duster!
These accessories are NOT included but are available at our website.
Trim trees in the morning and wash 2nd floor windows in the afternoon…all with the same pole. That is versatility…not available anywhere else!
IF SAFETY IS A CONCERN, THIS POLE SAW IS FOR YOU. Notice the attached photo.

Product Features

  • Thousands of homeowners have saved HUNDREDS of dollars by trimming their own trees with this unique MANUAL (no gas or electric motor) pole saw.
  • Reach and cut branches that you thought only a tree trimming service could get to.
  • BONUS–Pole saw pole also doubles as an extension pole that you can use to paint your house, wash windows, change light bulbs, etc…see below.
  • DOUBLE BONUS–A FREE 16″ saw blade is also included with your order!
  • This is the longest (27 feet…TIP-TO-TIP), lightest (7 lbs.) and most versatile, manual pole saw available today! Reach branches up to 32 feet high without ever climbing a ladder!

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