Worth Garden 84V COMMERCIAL Leaf Blower – Long Battery – Cordless Blower – LITHIUM BATTERY INCLUDED – Battery runs UP TO 90 MINUTES – 3 Year GUARANTEE

Product Features

  • 84 VOLT RAPID CHARGE HAND HELD CORDLESS LEAF BLOWER – LITHIUM BATTERY INCLUDED – No extension cord needed, Lithium Battery and Charger Included! With the rapid charge 84V 2.5ah lithium cordless leaf blower, you can cover more ground in less time. Quickly and easily clean your deck, driveway, sidewalk, patio & more. No more hassling with cords and lugging heavy tools. Effortlessly clear leaves and debris off the spaces around your house and yard.
  • DOUBLE RUN TIME OF COMPETITION – EASY TO CARRY & EASY TO STORE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY LEAF BLOWER – Compared to other battery-powered leaf blowers, the Worth Garden battery rechargeable leaf blower is super lightweight and comfortable to carry with an ergonomic grip handle. Both battery and charger are included. The compact design makes this cordless rechargeable leaf blower easy to use and easy to store – unit weighs less than 6 lbs.
  • CLEAN DECK & YARD FAST! – PERFECT FOR BOTH INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE – Unlike manually using a broom, there’s no need to move around heavy objects to sweep behind or under them. Simply blow debris from around or under objects. Whether it’s sawdust in your workshop, dry leaves in your backyard, or powdery snow in your driveway, this fume-free lithium cordless leaf blower is safe to use anywhere.
  • 3 HANDY POWER SETTINGS EXPERTLY CLEARS DEBRIS – The 3 speed control offers supreme control and versatility, allowing user to adjust speed to suit lighter and tougher jobs. Switch between low, medium, and turbo speeds on your handheld cordless leaf blower to expertly sweep, dust, and blow with total control for jobs ranging from light-duty cleaning to full leaf removal on any type of surface.
  • BACKED BY 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE – We are so confident in the professional quality of our power hedge cutters that we offer a 3-YEAR WARRANTY on all Worth Gardening home garden supplies and tools- no questions asked! For any issues you may experience – please don’t hesitate to call 877-271-2007 (M-F 9am-5pm EST) or email service@worthgarden.com and we will be on-hand to assist you.

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3 Responses to Worth Garden 84V COMMERCIAL Leaf Blower – Long Battery – Cordless Blower – LITHIUM BATTERY INCLUDED – Battery runs UP TO 90 MINUTES – 3 Year GUARANTEE

  1. S. Crosby says:

    This was the answer. The mower is powerful enough to take down an overgrown yard with giant weeds and vines. The issue I have is that the handle is awkward. Holding the bar that keeps the blade spinning and then pulling the bar for the power to the wheels is difficult – it is a design flaw. I keep killing the blade on accident. Plus, holding the blade and self propelled bar for very long is like doing a workout for your forearms. Additionally- the description talks about the ease of maneuverability due to “swivel…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I received this about a week ago. I was hesitant because there were no reviews on it and there was conflicting information about whether a battery and charger actually even came with the saw!A battery and charger DO come with the saw. The comparison table underneath this says that it needs no battery!. Other text above says that a battery and charger come with it. I went out on a limb and figured that the info saying it doesn’t come w/ a battery must be wrong. It is wrong. A…

  3. Anonymous says: