Wgwioo Zip Trim Cordless Trimmer Edger Works,Standard Garden Weed Cutter Mower

Material: plastic + stainless steel
Type: Weed trimmer
Product weight: 485g
Box size: 42*10*6cm
Powered by AA batteries(not included)
Package includes:
Weed Trimmer*1
Extension pole*1
Debris shield*1
Powerful enough to cut through all the unwanted growth in your yard, weed trimmer makes clipping weeds or edging your lawn faster and easier than ever before.
There’s no gasoline, no annoying electrical cords and no ridiculous bump to feed line that constantly breaks.
Simply zip on any standard zip tie and trim,Or screw on the included lightweight extension pole to trim those hard-to-reach places without bending, straining or climbing dangerous ladders.
Just pop on the included protective debris shield to transform weed trimmer into a powerful edger that gives you clean, precise results every time.
Having a beautiful yard has truly never been easier!

Product Features

  • ✔Pack includes: 1 Zip Trim, 1 extension poles, 1 debris shields & 30 zip ties,Requires 6 AA batteries(Not Included).
  • ✔Easy to use – works with any standard size zip tie.
  • ✔Lightweight extension pole for trimming hard-to-reach places.
  • ✔Protective debris shield provides extra safety plus transforms trimmer into a powerful edger.
  • ✔All the RPM power of a traditional trimmer in the palm of your hand.

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