Tanchen Reciprocating Saw Convert Adapter Woodworking Chainsaw For Cordless Power Drill

General Safety Precautions:

Warning:When using tool, basic safety, precautions, should always be followed to reduce the risk of personal injury and damage to

equipment. Read all instructions before using this tool!

-Wear a dust mask when sawing.

-Do not use in wet or damp locations.

-Like any saw, the s^w can cause injury if not properly handle.

-Wear eye and hand protection when using and cleaning the saw.

-Always disconnect the saw from your drill when cleaning or inspecting it.

-As with any power tool, the saw should be kept out of the reach of children.

-Keep fingers and limbs away from the blade when the saw attached to your drill.

-When attaching the saw to your dirill, disconnect a corded drill from the power source.

-Always adhere to all warnings and safety precautions provided with the drilI that this attachment is to be used with.

Package Included:

1 x Portable Reciprocating Saw Adapter

3 x Reciprocating Saw Blades

Product Features

  • Fit for wood, metal cutting.
  • Safety of sawing, effectively improve the efficiency of your work.
  • Ergonomic handle which is very convenient and safer for carrying.
  • Its input power depends on your own electric drill, so it is not a certain number.
  • Including 1pcs reciprocating saw Kit, 3pcs reciprocating saw blades, 1pcs wrench.

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