Tabor Tools GG12 Compound Action Anvil Lopper 30-Inch Pruner

Change Your Gardening Experience for Good
with the Cutting Edge Tabor GG12 Compound Action Anvil Lopper!

1. Blade
• Hardened, razor-sharp, precision-ground anvil blade for clean cuts with less resistance than thicker blades. 2″ branches are no challenge for this power house tool.
• Non-stick blade coating reduces friction to make cutting easier, and holds item sharp for long lasting value.

2. Consider the job done!
•One way to increase a lopper’s cutting force is increasing handle length. Lopper length affects the amount of leverage you have – longer loppers give you more leverage, making it easier to cut through thicker branches. This lopper is 30″ long! The ergonomic handles are durable and fit comfortably in your hands.
• Tabor Compound Action Anvil Lopper has a 2+” cutting capacity. The compound lever system has multiple moving parts which multiplies the force applied to the blades 3 times!
• Handles the job; cutting made surprisingly easy! This item is durable and features precision-ground razor sharp blades that cut through the toughest of branches fast, and a compound-action lever system that multiplies its cutting force when in use. This enables users to tackle heavy-duty cutting jobs well without straining or expending a lot of energy.

3. Tabor Tools – a trusted brand
• Tabor Tools, based in Israel, designs a wide collection of professional pruning and picking hand tools, all and well known in Europe & Africa for their leading quality.
• Today, our collection offers a complete solution of hand tools for such markets as horticultural, agricultural, viticulture, professional landscape, retail (DIY), and garden stores.
• 12 months warranty.
• CALL US WHEN YOU NEED US! We give you the best support possible

Add to cart now, and start a new chapter of efficiency in your garden maintenance! HAPPY GARDENING!

Product Features

  • YEP. PRUNING IS FUN! Powers effortlessly through 2+” diameter thick branches with a quick chop. This is the Tool of the Trade. Ideal lopper for the fast removal of dry and woody growth, for preparatory cuts and cut-to-length work. Designed and built for professional grade applications. Makes cutting dramatically easy through extra compound leverage action!
  • A KNIGHT’S BLADE. Fully hardened carbon steel blade will stay sharp, even after some heavy use! Low-friction non-stick coated gliding blade.
  • TRANSFORM YOUR OUTDOOR SPACE. Grab on to the comfortable 30″ long ergonomic grip, rubber coated levers for extra strength & multiplied leverage
  • GARDENING MORE WHILE WORKING LESS. Trust this tool to deliver a job done! Navigates efficiently around tough limbs
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Order with confidence! The Tabor Tool 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means exactly that. We will fix any problems quickly and answer to your need every time. We are always available to help our customers; our service record is unmatched!

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3 Responses to Tabor Tools GG12 Compound Action Anvil Lopper 30-Inch Pruner

  1. T in Texas says:

    If a limb will fit between the blade and anvil, I can cut it. I have purchased a lot of different limb loppers over the years, but I like the Tabor Tools loppers better than any others I have bought. I have broken the blade on more than on set of Fiskars loppers and a couple of other brands. Since I received this pair, I have put them thru a tree trimming workout. I can easily cut 2″ sized limbs of some really hard wood trees. I popped a chunk of the blade out of a brand new pair of Fiskars 32-Inch PowerGear Bypass Loppers, earlier this spring,…

  2. Bob Smith says:

    This is now my “go-to” lopper

  3. Paulywog says:

    Tabor surpasses all pruners