SUPEREX® Smart Universal Battery Charger with Car Charger For AA AAA 18650 26650 C CR123a, lithium ion / Ni-MH 3.7V, 3.2V, 1.2V rechargeable batteries

The SUPEREX Intellicharger is a universal, automatical smart charger, compatible with almost all types of rechargeable batteries.
The RPC-C20BK Intelli Charger is able to automatically identify Li-ion, Ni-MH and LiFePO4 rechargeable batteries and offer appropriate charging mode
(Constant Charge Current (CC), Constant Charge Voltage (CV) and Trickle Charge(TC)).
Individually-monitored channels allow you to charge 1-4 pcs batteries simultaneously, and you can even charge four different types of rechargeable batteries together.
Additionally, LCD indicator could visibly indicate battery status and charging process.
Reverse polarity protection prevents damage if batteries are inserted incorrectly.
The Dual Rapid charger accepts 100-240V AC input power, can be used all over the world
AC and DC adapter are included.

Input: DC 12V 2A / 16V 20W (Photovoltaic solar panel)
1000mA/500mA/250mA*4@ 3.7V Li-ion Battery
1000mA/500mA/250mA*4@ 1.2V Ni-MH Battery
1000mA/500mA/250mA*4@ 3.2V LiFePO4 Battery
Charger mode:CC / CV (Li-ion Battery/LiFePO4 Battery)/ DELTA V (Ni-MH Battery)
Colour: black
Weight: about 141g
Dimension: 98*36*135 mm

Compatible for Charging:

Li-ion: 3.7V 26650/18650/17670/16340/18490/14500/14650/10440
LiIFePO4: 3.2V 22650/18650 /17670/16340/18490/14500/14650
NiMH: 1.2V C SC AA AAA Rechargeable Batteries

Package contains:

1)1x intelli charger
2)1x AC adapter
3)1x car charge
4)1x User Manual

Product Features

  • Compatible with 3.7V Li-ion 26650 18650 18350 16340 14500 10440, 3.2V LiIFePO4 26650 18650 16340 14500 10440, 1.2V NiMH C AA AAA rechargeable batteries.
  • Reverse polarity protection, Over Charging timeout protection. Precision end-of-charge voltage detection. Floating-charge maintains battery in full charge. 0V battery activate, can test the Bad/non-rechargeable battery.
  • Could mix charge the battery simultaneously, Metal plates for easy adjust for different types of batteries. Automatically outputs 3.7V/3.2V/1.2V battery voltage.
  • LCD displays shows battery type, voltage, charging time, charging percentage, charging capacity, reverse battery and bad battery.
  • Charging with DC 12V 2AMPS adapter. Bonus Car Charger Adapter is included. Certified by ROHS,CE,FCC,CEC

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2 Responses to SUPEREX® Smart Universal Battery Charger with Car Charger For AA AAA 18650 26650 C CR123a, lithium ion / Ni-MH 3.7V, 3.2V, 1.2V rechargeable batteries

  1. Jimmy B says:

    Excellent charger for the money.

  2. Ted S says:

    I needed a good, reliable charger for those batteries I recently built a battery pack for a device I have that I could no longer get a replacement battery for. The battery pack I built utilized 10400 Li Ion batteries. I needed a good, reliable charger for those batteries. I had tried one of the other, less expensive chargers offered by Amazon, but found it to be un-reliable. A bad thing when Li Ion batteries are involved. So, I found this Superex Charger and liked the features it offered.I’ve used this charger several times now to…