Ryobi P108 One+ 18V 4.0AH Lithium Ion Battery and P117 One+ Dual Chemistry Lithium Ion and NiCad Battery Charger (2 Piece Combo Set)

The combo charging kit from Ryobi includes the P108 lithium ion battery and a compatible charger, the P117. These are among the most powerful accessories in Ryobi’s One+ lineup. The P117 works fast, fully powering compact 2AH batteries in as little as 30 minutes. For larger batteries, like the 4AH P108, the P117 can charge them in as little as 60 minutes. The P108 is among the highest capacity batteries in Ryobi’s One+ tool lineup. With such a high amount of fuel onboard, you’ll be able to run tools and lights longer than with any other battery in the One+ family, whether it’s lithium ion or NiCad. The P117 will keep more than just your P108 charged. It can handle both lithium ion and NiCad batteries charged, as long as they’re from Ryobi. There are also handy LED gauges on these pieces. The P108 has a fuel gauge that lets you know, in 25% increments, how much power remains before it needs recharging. The P117 also has an LED status indicator. When charging a battery, this indicator lets you know whether a battery is defective or not, as well as letting you know when charging is completed. The P117 conserves power, too, by powering down once a battery is fully charged. No matter what you do around the house or jobsite, you need to keep your tools powered. Use Ryobi’s best by purchasing this two piece battery and charging set.

Product Features

  • P108 BATTERY: This high-capacity, 18v, lithium ion battery will keep most of your Ryobi power tools and accessories powered for hours. Its uniquely-shaped base is designed to stand flat on the ground without assistance, making it perfect for work lights
  • LED FUEL GAUGE: The P108 comes with an onboard fuel gauge, letting you know in 25% increments how much power your tools can use before they need recharging
  • P117 CHARGER: The P117 is one of Ryobi’s fastest chargers, fully powering 2 amp hour batteries in as little as 30 minutes. It is also dual chemistry, meaning it can handle both lithium ion and NiCad Ryobi batteries
  • MOUNTING: Carefully designed holes on the back of the P117 charger allow you to either lay the tool flat on the ground or hang it from peg boards and brackets, depending on your organizational needs
  • ONE+ COMPATIBLE: The P108 and P117 fall under Ryobi’s One+ family tree. This means that One+ batteries will function with over 50+ tools in the One+ lineup. Other One+ batteries include the P100, P102, P104, P105, and the P107, along with the P108

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2 Responses to Ryobi P108 One+ 18V 4.0AH Lithium Ion Battery and P117 One+ Dual Chemistry Lithium Ion and NiCad Battery Charger (2 Piece Combo Set)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love ryobi one plus We love ryobi one plus products ever since my husbands uncle bought us a few tools. They didn’t include batteries so we had to purchase this part on our own. Love the fact that one battery can be used in all the tools. Although we have recently discovered that we should have bought two batteries cuz we are both using the tools a lot and sometimes need to use them simulataneously. That will be a future purchase. Battery charging is quick and a breeze. Probably the best idea a company had ever…