Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14- Inch Electric Chainsaw

Designed to cut small limbs and saplings, the Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim electric chainsaw provides rugged construction and user-friendly features. The Limb N Trim is equipped with an 8 AMP motor and has a 14-inch low-kickback bar and chain. It comes with a push-button oiler and an external adjustment system for reliable chain tensioning. Unlike gas-powered tools, this electric chainsaw does not require gasoline, and it’s easier to start. Whatever your task, this machine can adapt and help you get the job done. It also comes fully assembled and is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Product Features

  • This compact, lightweight design is easy to use for all your small limb trimming needs
  • 14-inch low-kickback bar and chain with 8-amp electric motor for powerful trimming
  • Push-button oiler lets you add just the right amount of oil to your engine
  • External chain tension adjuster makes tensioning easy for trimming
  • This unit comes fully assembled for a smooth start to your operation

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3 Responses to Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14- Inch Electric Chainsaw

  1. B. Green says:

    Good saw for the money for the suburban homeowner After 8 years my Remington Limb & Trim saw bit the dust today. This was my second Limb & Trim saw. The first one probably lasted over a dozen years. Overall they are good saws for the suburban homeowner for the money. They are very lightweight and this makes them fine for triming and cutting small trees. I have cut down trees and limbs up to 12″ with these with no problem. Larger trees just take longer as you have to cut from both sides. Gas chain saws are faster, but this will do the job if…

  2. R. Schunk says:

    Nice little chainsaw! Bought this to replace a WEN for which I could no longer purchase replacement parts.Nice little chainsaw. All assembled right out of the box. Put in some oil, connect it up and away you go….and it is a lot lighter and easier to handle than the old WEN.Too bad I can’t get electric down in the woods as it is a lot quieter than my gas saw… :-)Only down point is that the chain oil leaked out on my garage floor which I didn’t expect. I didn’t put it down on a…

  3. STONE A JUDLIN says:

    POWERHOUSE FOR THE PRICE !! JOB DONE ! We recently lost a Mimosa tree to a severe cold spell. It was probably 12 inches across at the base, and too big a job for my saber saw. I had cut all the limbs off and the unsightly remains looked like a bad sculpture of a 10 foot high, upside-down, chicken foot. It had to go. A tree removal company would have charged me a fortune, so I looked into a small electric chain saw. After reading several positive reviews, I decided to give the Remington 8 amp Electric Chain saw a try. The saw…