Poulan Pro 21 in. 58-Volt Cordless 3-in-1 Push Lawnmower, PRLM21i

For the homeowner who’s not interested in handling &/or storing fuel, dealing with exhaust, or fumbling with cumbersome power cords, the all-new hassle-free Poulan Pro battery-powered mower is the ultimate solution. Powered by a 58V, 5.2Ah, lithium-ion rechargeable battery, it features Instant push-button starting & provides the power & performance typical of gas-powered push mowers, without all the noise & harmful exhaust. The 21″ steel cutting deck is capable of side-discharging & bagging. It has four cutting height positions for easy maneuvering. With a built-in battery power meter, it’s easy to monitor power usage. This quiet, lightweight, ergonomically designed, & environmentally friendly mower is powerful, easy to start, easy to operate, & perfect for small yd & homes with close neighbors

Product Features

  • Powerful 58 volt Lithium ion battery provides continuous power until battery is fully depleted
  • Brushless motor provides increased power, performance, and efficiency; longer battery runtime; exceptional engine durability and  life; and higher power-to-weight ratio
  • Durable 21 in. cutting deck designed for bagging/collecting or side discharging
  • Electric push button starting is simple and convenient
  • 11 in. high rear wheels provide excellent control and maneuverability on flat, hilly, and uneven terrain.

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One Response to Poulan Pro 21 in. 58-Volt Cordless 3-in-1 Push Lawnmower, PRLM21i

  1. Jack Sparrow says:

    Can a lawnmower be “cool”? Yep. OK, so I have only used this thing once so far, but I am very impressed. The reason for the 4 VS 5 stars? Hang on. First, let me say I live on a corner lot and this thing handled my whole lawn with almost 1/2 the battery left. I’m pretty sure I could mow my lawn twice on one charge. It starts instantly, and I can listen to music on my earbuds while it’s running. It just sort of…hums. As I was mowing I hit a thick patch and the thing sensed this and temporarily boosted the power for about 3…