OREGON CORDLESS 40 Volt MAX ST275-E6 Trimmer/Edger Kit with 2.4 Ah Battery Pack and C600 Charger

The ST275-E6 String Trimmer/Edger, with its dual line cutting head and flip-down edge guide, is a true 2-in-1 tool. The Trimmer/Edger is equipped with OREGON’s Quick Load trimmer head with a bump feed feature. This makes line replacement fast and easy and line advancement reliable and controlled. The Trimmer Head comes loaded with OREGON’s .080″ Platinum Gatorline and the ability to run .095″ Platinum Gatorline, which features an armored exterior that makes it resistant to cracking and breaking while offering outstanding cutting performance. The ST275-E6 String Trimmer/Edger also features a variable speed trigger, allowing the user to control the cutting speed and maximize run time up to 30 minutes. Weighing only 9.4lbs with 2.4 Ah Battery Pack, the light-weight and balanced, straight shaft trimmer with adjustable large grip handle, offers excellent ergonomics, low vibration, long run time and 50% more power compared to our ST250 Trimmer/Edger. Battery Pack and Battery Charger included. Fully charged battery voltage measured without a workload is 40 volts. Nominal voltage is 37.

Product Features

  • Patented gear drive technology for 50% more power versus OREGON ST250 String Trimmer/Edger; Longer shaft for increased reach and improved ergonomics
  • 40V MAX Lithium Ion Power for up to 30 minute run; Premium cell technology with constant no-fade power and that holds charge in
    storage for months
  • Advanced Cutting System – Larger swath with a new and improved OREGON trimmer head for longer run time, less vibration and easier line loading
  • Ergonomically engineered to be light-weight, balanced, low-vibration, & quiet; Variable speed throttle increases control and run time
  • Instant Start – Freedom from cords, No gas-oil mixing, No pull cords, No warm-up, No emissions

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2 Responses to OREGON CORDLESS 40 Volt MAX ST275-E6 Trimmer/Edger Kit with 2.4 Ah Battery Pack and C600 Charger

  1. BlueLivesMatter says:

    It is a very nice String Trimmer This is my first ever battery powered electric trimmer. I wouldn’t know if there is a better one out there that deserves a 5 star more than this machine.But I can’t imagine if there is… it would be much better than this machine. I doubt it.I don’t think you will be disappointed if you buy one yourself. When I received the unit the battery was only half charged so I plugged it into the charge and less than an hour later it was fully charged.I think I am going to…

  2. donbodadonbo says:

    Great Attention to Detail in Every Aspect I purchased the ST275-A6 Trimmer with the 4.0 Ah Battery Pack & C600 Charger. When the box arrived, I was worried that it was going to be far too heavy for me to use. Although amazon’s web page states that the trimmer weighs “9.4 pounds” & the shipping container’s total weight is “16.55 pounds”, the shipping label stated that the box weighed almost 22 pounds. But not to worry, the excess weight was due to the well-packed, heavy duty cardboard used for shipping. The trimmer…