Mamibot Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Prevac)

Mamibot PreVac is a typical third generation robot vacuum cleaner, which is smarter and cooler. With only 7.4cm high super slim body, it works so well under different floor conditions. PreVac makes your cleaning easier.

Intelligent Cleaning


2.4GHZ Remote control

2200mAh Lithium

Two years warranty

Voice Alerting

Low Noise<60db

Simple operation

Extendable program

100-120 Min working time

Auto Charging

600ml dust box

Infrared anti-falling

Ultrasonic anti-collision

Mopping & Sweeping

Big LCD Screed

7.4cm super slim

3 hours fast charging

Magnetic boundary Strip

Product Features

  • Intelligent cleaning
  • Low noise <60db
  • Infrared Anti-falling
  • 3 hours fast charging
  • 100-120 min working

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