Makita M4500M Reciprocating Cut Saw Powerful Power Low Vibration 1,010W Corded (220v Charger Europe type C plug)

Product Description

Makita has been the trade tool of choice in the Philippines for many years now.

Makita MT – our new range of purpose-built for those who want Makita quality at outstanding value.

This line consists of products of Makita’s ongoing research and development,
huge knowledge and experience in power tools, all incorporates Makita quality manufacturing such as ball-bearing construction.
These tools really work. They are all tried and true Makita tools.
Makita MT is easily recognisable from Makita’s blue range – because they are green!

Prodcut Specifications

Power: 1,010W
Length of Stroke: 28mm
Stroke per minute: 0 – 2,800 spm
Capacity: Pipe: 130mm | Wood: 255mm
Weight: 3.1 kg (6.9 lbs)

This product uses 220V

In case Electronic product , you should check the voltage, frequency (Hz) and the shape of the plug of your country.
When you use 110V product in 220V country or use 220V product in 110V country, You must purchase a transformer.
Transformer Watt must support at least 20% higher than an item’s power consumption(Watt).
Any damage or malfunction happens due to voltage & frequency (Hz) problems, seller is NOT RESPONSEIBLE for this.
In case Motor / Heating product , Transformer must check to ” current capacity” due to initial product start-up current.
(transformer safety current capacity must be higher 2 to 3 times more than product current capacity)
In case 60Hz motor product use at 50Hz country Product life and efficiency may be reduced.
In case 50Hz motor product use at 60Hz country Product life and efficiency may be reduced and have damage or fire hazard.
Please note before the purchase.

Product Features

  • Ergonomic design and rubber grip for a smooth grip
  • It boasts excellent cutting performance with powerful power.
  • It is easy to work with light weight.
  • Long wires improve work efficiency in a variety of situations.
  • Our new range of purpose-built for those who want Makita quality at outstanding value.

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