HONDA VersAttach Multi Too

ACME Tools is a Honda Authorized Dealer. This fantastic new versatile VersAttach from Honda allows you to tackle almost every gardening job with just one tool. The UMC435 head unit is powered by Hondas increasingly popular 35cc Honda GX35T 4-stroke engine which delivers 1.3 HP of power. It is ideal for the discerning domestic home-owner. The eight optional attachments (must be purchased separately) include a brushless, pruner, long-reach hedge cutter, short-reach hedge cutter, edger, blower and cultivator. You can also purchase an extension pole to make even the most hard-to-reach areas, accessible.

Product Features

  • Includes Factory Waranty
  • Includes Full Warranty

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2 Responses to HONDA VersAttach Multi Too

  1. alphaintervention says:

    This Honda Versattach is awesome! I did a lot of research when my … General Overview:I puchased this Honda Versattach as an early fathers day gift due to my other Craftsmen dying. This Honda Versattach is awesome! I did a lot of research when my previous craftsmen weedeater died. I had a few people tell me to purchase one of the Echo brand weedeaters and in looking into them, they did look great. The reviews for the Echo brand and even the Stihl seemed really good for the kind that have attachments like the Versattach. But then I learned about the Honda…

  2. CS says:

    Real Tools! I used the Trimmer Plus attachment system for years, and I loved it. Being able to edge, trim hedges, whack weeds, blow leaves, and vacuum, all without cords and without warming up and maintaining several engines was pure heaven.I knew when I bought another house I would go the same route.However, there were issues. Mainly with the head units. Ryobi was pure junk, falling apart after just a few months. The Craftsman head unit was much better, lasting all of three…