GreenWorks Pro GCS80450 80V 18-Inch Cordless Chainsaw, Battery and Charger Not Included

GreenWorks is starting a revolution in outdoor power equipment starting with its GreenWorks Pro 80V Li-Ion MAX system. Combined with our DigiPro Brushless motor, this is the highest voltage, gas equivalent, commercial grade cordless outdoor power tool sytem in the industry. Featuring the simple electric start, light weight designs and quieter motor, professionals and heavy DIY’ers can now tackle tough jobs through variable terrain without the hassle of gas, fumes, heavy gear or delicate maintenance needs of gas powered engines. The evolution of GreenWorks lithium-ion technology and designs have made it possible for professionals to get their jobs done by simply snapping in a battery and pressing a button while delivering high performance power and longer run time to get the job done. GreenWorks Pro 80V Li-Ion MAX System features a Jet Blower, 18-inch Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer, String Trimmer, Lawn Mower. With GreenWorks, we understand that it’s not just a tool…it’s your life.

Product Features

  • Up to 150 cuts with fully charged 2AH battery, battery not included
  • DigiPro brushless motors are more reliable and delivers gas equivalent performance to a 45cc gas engine
  • Steel bucking spikes, durable metal wrap around handle and electronic chain brake for safe operation
  • Rapid 30 minute charge for standard 80V 2ah battery, multiple battery capacity available
  • Battery and charger sold separately, compatible battery and charger models GBA80200, GBA80400 and GCH8040

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2 Responses to GreenWorks Pro GCS80450 80V 18-Inch Cordless Chainsaw, Battery and Charger Not Included

  1. Marvin Simms says:

    I didn’t want to make a stupid $300 mistake I’ve been cutting an average of 4 cords of firewood for 36 years. I have used just about every brand of gas powered saw at one time or another. I’ve gotten fed up with today’s 2 cycle engines to the point where I’ve gone to battery and electric for blowers and trimmers. Now trying to do the same with the chainsaw. So I decided to try the 80v with 18″ bar and 2 AH battery.The first thing I did was read the owner’s manual (yep, my wife was surprised too). I didn’t want to…

  2. Eric Koperda says:

    Impressive The manufacturer claims this chainsaw equals a “45cc gas engine equivalent” and I agree, now having owned it for a month. The power seems about equal to a 45cc conventional chainsaw. The battery life is good, lasting about as long as 1.5 tankfuls of gasoline. The weight, 14.8 pounds, is heavier than most 45cc conventional chainsaws. It starts effortlessly with a button-press at a variety of altitudes, far more convenient than conventional chainsaws. It is quiet while cutting and…