Fiskars 7-14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner

High branches are within reach with the power-lever extendable pole saw & pruner, which includes two different cutting options & extends to 14′. unique power-lever technology increases leverage to give your to two times more power. Plus, an oval-shaped, lightweight yet strong pole reduces flex, allows you to control the direction of the cut & fits the natural shape of your hand. A unique double locking system ensures the pole stays extended for superior control. TRIM branches as thick as 1-1/8″ with the sharp, durable steel pruner boasting a special low-friction coating. For thicker branches, call on the power of the sturdy 15″ wood zig saw. 

Product Features

  • Ideal for cutting high branches without climbing a ladder
  • Power-lever technology maximizes leverage for up to 2x more cutting power
  • Includes one fully hardened, precision-ground Steel pruner and one sturdy 15 inch wood zig saw
  • Oval-shaped pole greatly reduces Flex, allows you to control the direction of the cut and fits the natural shape of your hand for improved comfort
  • Full lifetime Warranty

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