Enegitech 2 Pack Battery For Black & Decker 18V 3.0Ah HPB18-OPE High Capacity Cordless Power Tools (Slide Style)

About Enegitech: 
Enegitech has always devoted itself to providing products with excellent quality for the end-users.

Compatible Model : 
NST1810, NST2018, NHT518, NS118, NPP2018, NPT3118, BD18PSK, BDGL1800, BDGL18K-2, CD182K-2, CD18SFRK, CD18SK-2, CDC180AK, CDC180ASB, CDC18GK2, EPC182K2, EPC186BK, EPC188BK, EPC188CBK, EPC18CABK, EPC18CAK, EPC18K2, FS188F4, GCO18SFB, GCL2500, HP188F2B. HP188F3B, HP188F3K, HP188F4BK, HPD1800, HPD18K-2, HPG1800, HPG18K-2, NS118, NST2118, PS182KB, PS18K2, SS18, XTC183BK, XTC18BK 

Warranty : 
60 days money back and 24 hours friendly customer service! 
If you encounter any problems about anything, please email us to allow us an opportunity to correct any problem and we will do our best to assist you solve the issue 

Package included:  
2 * 18V 3000mah battery

Product Features

  • 2 packs Black&Decker Ni-MH battery,18V,3000mAh
  • Products are CE certified, tested by manufacturer to match OEM products
  • Battery Storage – If you don’t plan on using the Power Tool Battery for a month or more, store it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage; remember to recharge the batteries before use.
  • 1 Year Warranty,Any question,please tell us

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2 Responses to Enegitech 2 Pack Battery For Black & Decker 18V 3.0Ah HPB18-OPE High Capacity Cordless Power Tools (Slide Style)

  1. 3kpgs/yr says:

    Much superior to the B&D NiCd replacement batteries! These batteries work great. They are NiMH so they don’t have the memory problem with the original batteries from 2007 (and also with the two replacement batteries that I bought in 2011). These batteries are 3000 mAh, despite what other reviewers may have written. I am able to edge both the front and back lawn of our 9,000 sq ft yard on a single battery and have enough juice left to pop the battery into the blower and clean the front yard, where it used to take two batteries with the old…

  2. Craig P says:

    Batteries aren’t holding a charge after a month I bought these just over a month ago and they both now won’t hold a charge for more than a minute. The first time I charged and used them they seemed great. Each lasted about 8 to 10 minutes with my leaf blower and weed wacker. I didn’t use them for a couple weeks and now they won’t last more than a minute. I’ve charged them over night a couple times now and they still aren’t holding a charge.Very disappointing seeing as other reviews are so positive. No contact details of the…