Dremel Cordless Rotary Tool Kit with Battery Charger for Dremel Cordless Rotary Tool

Product Features

  • The product is 7.2V CDLS Rotary Tool
  • Two speeds 10,000 and 20,000 rpm to match the proper speed required
  • Removable 7.2-Volt Ni-Cad battery pack lets you use additional packs for continuous use
  • For use with Dremel rotary tool models 7700 and 7300
  • Has a three-hour charging time
  • Charges both 4.8 and 7.2 volt batteries

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3 Responses to Dremel Cordless Rotary Tool Kit with Battery Charger for Dremel Cordless Rotary Tool

  1. al says:

    Horrible Battery issues don’t waste your money The battery is horrible, here is why:1. Won’t hold a charge. If you leave the battery sitting on the shelf (even removed from the tool) it discharges within a few days, this is a symptom of a poorly made/cheap battery.2. Discharges way too quickly; I use it for light duty drilling little holes in styrene (a soft plastic) and it runs down within a few minutes of use requiring hours to re-charge the battery.3. These problems are common and have persisted for years and…

  2. C. K. says:

    Bought this vs. the one sold in the grooming section for my pets’ nails I bought this product vs. the one specifically sold for pets to trim my dogs’ nails.It’s a nice size, not too big to hold while holding onto a paw. The sound (one of my bigger concerns) it not too loud so it’s not scary & doesn’t hurt their ears. Has high and low speed which is also a plus. The slower speed can be used for softer nails and in the early stages of training them to let you grind the nails. As with anything, it does taking training and patience to get your pet…

  3. IVJ says:

    Purchased to trim my dog’s nails. I had one question not addressed in booklet and so called Dremel and they were extremely helpful. Bought after reading earlier review from someone who recommended this product for trimming your dog’s nails. I was desperate because my dog would not let me touch her toes after an awful experience she had with a mean groomer. Guess what? I have been approaching my dog with this unit every day, twice a day, rewarding her with treats, and using this product to quickly swipe across a nail or two…