DEWALT DCA2203C 20-Volt MAX Battery Adapter Kit for 18-Volt Tools

The DEWALT DCA2203C 20V MAX Battery Adapter Kit for 18V Tools allows for use of 20V MAX batteries in most DEWALT 18V Tools. This adapter requires the use of 20V MAX Chargers – this will not fit in DEWALT 18V Chargers. This kit includes two 20V MAX XR Lithium Ion batteries, and 20v charger so you can be ready to convert immediately. Use with DCB201, DCB203, DCB203BT compact batteries. Do not use adapter with premium batteries (DCB200, DCB204, DCB204BT, DCB205) in 18V Compact drills DC970, DC759. Includes: (1) 18V – 20V MAX Adapter, (2) DCB203 20V MAX XR Lithium Ion Batteries (2.0Ah), 12V/20V MAX Charger. WARNING: THE ADAPTER IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ALL DeWALT TOOLS. The 20V Max* Li-Ion Battery Pack Adapter for 18V NiCd tools is NOT COMPATIBLE with 18V DeWALT radios, 18V DeWALT nailers, DC020 or DC022 Worklights, nor the DCS370 Bandsaw. For the DC500 Vacuum, the DW074 and DW079 Rotary Lasers, the adapter is functional but the tools’ battery doors will not fully close.

Product Features

  • Adapts 20v max* batteries to most 18v tools: See description for full DeWalt 18v tool compatibility information
  • Kit includes: (2) DCB203 = 20v max* xr lithium ion batteries (2.0ah), (1) 12v/20v max* charger, and (1) 18v – 20v max* adapter
  • Compatible with 18v compact drills: Do not use adapter, 18v compact drills, and premium batteries (DCB200, DCB204, DCB204BT, DCB205) together
  • Not compatible with 18v chargers: adapter requires the use of DeWalt 20v max* chargers
  • Not compatible with 20v/60v Flexvolt Batteries

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3 Responses to DEWALT DCA2203C 20-Volt MAX Battery Adapter Kit for 18-Volt Tools

  1. RedAggie03 says:

    My newer 18v XRP hammer drill it fits great in and removes easily (see picture circled in GREEN)

  2. bosssho says:

    Dewalt sucks for not coming out with this kit years ago

  3. Mikebib says:

    Great batteries. Don’t be fooled by the single charge light When I received these batteries I had the sAme problem that several people reported. E.g. It only shows one bar of charge no matter how long it stays in the charger. There is a super easy fix. I believe the problem is that the charger misreads the voltage And says it is charged.The fix: once the red charge light stays solid but the battery indicator only shows parasitical charge the actual battery indicator is correct. To make it continue charging, quickly lift and replace the…