Dewalt DC9096-2 18V XRP Battery Combo Pack

These DEWALT(R) XRP batteries offer 25% more run-time than standard batteries and fit the entire DEWALT(R) line of 18V tools. It allows you to run multiple tools off the same series of battery pack.Keep your DEWALT 18-volt cordless tools powered with the DC9096 XRP extended run time batteries. DEWALT uses top-quality NiCd cells, offering a consistent and adaptable performance. The extended run time batteries deliver 40 percent more run time with new cobalt technology.

Product Features

  • 2 High capacity XRP batteries have 25% more run-time than standard NiCAD batteries
  • Powers entire DEWALT line of 18V tools allowing users to run multiple tools off of the same battery pack
  • Includes: 2 18V XRP batteries

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Buy These Instead of a Generic Replacement Please learn from my experience with a non-Dewalt manufactured replacement battery and purchase this one for a few dollars more than an off-brand manufactured replacement!After just a few months of using a non-Dewalt replacement battery I started having issues with not holding a charge very long as well as my drill not having enough “oomph” to drive a screw into wood as well as my portable vacuum not lasting nearly as long as it should. I’m not talking about a little bit of…

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    Beat price I could find!