Cyclone .095-Inch-by-140-Foot Spool Commercial Grade 6-Blade 1/2-Pound Grass Trimmer Line, Orange CY095D1/2-12

The perfect choice for landscaping professionals, these Cyclone weed trimmer spools are designed with a 6 bladed shape that provides a superior cutting performance. The Cyclone trimmer line also provides users extended use with its co-polymer formulation. For use with all trimmers that supports .095 inches in diameter size for trimmer line.Ideal for landscaping professionals, the Cyclone .095-inch-by-140-foot commercial trimmer Line features a patented six-bladed shape for added cutting power. A proprietary commercial grade copolymer nylon provides superior strength and durability. For use with all trimmers calling for .095-inch diameter line, this orange trimmer line comes in a 140-foot package.

Product Features

  • Special copolymer formulation provides longer lasting commercial cutting
  • Patented 6 bladed shape for added cutting power
  • Choice of landscaping professionals
  • Color coded by diameter size
  • Measures .095-inches-by-140-feet

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3 Responses to Cyclone .095-Inch-by-140-Foot Spool Commercial Grade 6-Blade 1/2-Pound Grass Trimmer Line, Orange CY095D1/2-12

  1. Brian P IuseAmazon2much says:

    This is some serious trimmer line!! I was previously using Oregon Gatorline .080″ in my Stihl FS55RC. The Oregon was just OK…seemed to break easily. I was getting low so I did a bit of reading, heard good things about this Cyclone line so I purchased a small roll to try. This stuff is wicked! It chops through anything with ease…and I only have to bump the head 2 or 3 times at most to do my house plus the girlfriends house! That includes trimming and using the trimmer as an edger at both properties. This stuff doesn’t…

  2. Mark and Jen says:

    Love it, not too heavy and not too light. I just got a chance to use this string this weekend. I purchased a new head that uses cut lengths of string, not a spool that autof-eeds. I have made a cutter to cut string to length so I purchase spools. I find this is easier and more cost effective than the old auto-feeder. I went through the left over spool after replacing the old head. I figured I should try some heavier string that is recommended by the new head so I ordered this string. I was changing the strings several times when…

  3. Anonymous says:

    i’ve only used this string once, but it worked well. held up to chain link fence trimming. also seemed to be a little lighter than other stuff i was using so it seemed like my trimmer was able to spin this stuff faster. which also improved the cutting. i’ve read, however, that trimmer line dries out and becomes brittle. my experience with previous line would support this, but i’m not sure if it was that or me just being less careful along fences. i read somewhere that you can soak line in…