Craftsman C3 19.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Compact Battery & Charger Starter Kit

The Craftsman C3 19.2-Volt lithium-ion battery & charger starter kit gives you the advantage of lithium-ion and the speed of quick multi-chemistry charging. Lightweight and maneuverable, the Compact 19.2-Volt Lithium-ion battery pack snaps into your tools and keeps you moving fast, while the rugged design stands up to both home and jobsite abuse. Featuring a higher storage capacity than NiCd batteries and more recharge cycles, this battery is an asset to any task. The included 19.2-Volt 30-min. Multi-Chemistry charger tops off batteries quickly while performing basic diagnostic functions every time you use it. so you get the most from every battery it charges. A solid combination of a powerful battery and efficient charger, bring this team to your shop, and add the powerful advantage of lithium-ion to your C3 system!

Product Features

  • Includes: 19.2-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Battery and 30-min. Multi-Chemistry Charger
  • Lithium-ion formulation delivers a longer life cycle and larger reserve than Ni-Cd batteries, at a much lighter weight
  • Smart design lets this battery slip into the charger and snap into tools
  • Built-in charger diagnostic program checks batteries with every charge
  • Charges 12 and 19.2-Volt Batteries

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3 Responses to Craftsman C3 19.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Compact Battery & Charger Starter Kit

  1. Terry B says:

    Love ’em, but my old NiCds were getting long … I’ve been using the 19.2V tools for about 10 years. Love ’em, but my old NiCds were getting long in the tooth (i.e., short on the power). I tried one of these streamlined babies, and WOW! My drill or hand-vac are much lighter and really put out the power. The vacuum sounds like a jetliner spooling up for takeoff! The battery charges very quickly, and the charger also charges my NiCds. I did have a bump understanding the weird little charging stickers next to the LEDs, but once I figured out…

  2. Lee says:

    More than good enough, but not quite excellent This battery and charger were purchased to replace a spent non-lithium battery for my impact wrench. The recharging time of the lithium battery is very short and the charging station and battery seem very well made. The battery fits perfectly in my C3 device. The initial torque in my wrench is exceptionally good when the battery is freshly charged, being able to break free bolts that the old battery couldn’t power through. But I’ve noticed after 1 or 2 bolts or lugnuts that the torque drops off…

  3. Doggerman says:

    Worked well.