BLACK+DECKER LSWV36B 40V Lithium Ion Sweeper/Vac Bare Tool – Battery & Charger Not Included

The BLACK+DECKER Bare 36V Lithium Ion Sweeper/Vac is an efficient cordless sweeping tool for clearing driveways, sidewalks, decks, garages and other hard surfaces of leaves, grass clippings and other lawn debris. It easily converts to vacuum mode for quick and easy vacuuming of debris from hard surfaces like patios, decks, garages and walkways. Not recommended for use in the grass or flower beds. This is a bare-tool item that works with the powerful 36V Lithium Ion battery or the 40V MAX* Lithium Ion battery for easy use without extension cords (battery and charger not included). This item features Power Command which controls speed for maximum run-time or maximum power . This is a lightweight unit at just 5.4 pounds for quick and easy blowing of debris; 6.9 pounds in vacuum mode. Its low noise design allows for quiet operation, so not to bother the neighbors when in use. It also features a blow tube with built-in scraper which allows user to loosen matted leaves and stuck on debris. Soft grip handle provides added comfort during use.

Product Features

  • Can be used as a Sweeper or Vacuum
  • Compatible with both the 36V Lithium Ion and the 40V MAX* Lithium Ion battery
  • Lightweight at only 4.7 lbs
  • Low noise design
  • Built in scraper and soft grip handle

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3 Responses to BLACK+DECKER LSWV36B 40V Lithium Ion Sweeper/Vac Bare Tool – Battery & Charger Not Included

  1. CKE says:

    Video Review of the Black and Decker 36V Cordless Sweeper and Vac In some ways I am a sucker for anything that is rechargeable… I am a fan of the Greenworks product line (mowers, trimmers, clippers, and etc), I own a series of Makita lithium ion tools (including their handy little blower/sweeper), and I even drive a rechargeable car (a Chevy Volt… which I love) so I was excited to try the new Black & Decker 36V Lithium ion sweeper and Vac. I was a bit skeptical of the Black & Decker brand because I have seen spotty…

  2. GaryS says:

    Not very powerful and really hard to disassemble if you want to return it..which you will. This thing doesn’t work very well…and it’s really hard to take apart to return. I tried vacuuming first and it would barely pick up leaves. I had to actually push them in once it sucked it onto the end of the tube. I guess it doesn’t do well with bigger leaves. Maybe small ones it might. Since this didn’t work I figured maybe it would do ok as a blower. Oddly it was easier to push the leaves around with the end of the blower than it was to blow with it. I called technical support and…

  3. Dowutyalyk says:

    great idea, just no power. After using a simple low end corded leafblower I was in the market to find something different. Just got tired of dragging and tangling myself up with the cord everywhere I went. I always liked the idea of a cordless 2-in-1 device & I didn’t want to invest in a gas powered version. I’m into gadgets and I really liked the concept of one unit that could blow leaves and also suck them up if I needed.Overall it’s underpowered for really blowing leaves from my Sycamore tree. It tries…