BLACK+DECKER BDCMTSB Matrix Wide-Mouth Storage Bag

The BLACK+DECKER BDCMTSB Matrix Wide-Mouth Storage Bag is an easy and convenient way to store and transport your Matrix System and accessories with ease. This bag features an easy-store, wide-mouth opening with a durable hard plastic base, along with 2 rigid dividers on the inside to keep tools separated. You can either carry the bag by the top handle or with the adjustable shoulder strap. Includes: (1) Storage Bag, (1) Shoulder Strap and (2) Rigid Dividers.

Product Features

  • Easy-store, Wide-mouth opening
  • Durable plastic base
  • Has an adjustable shoulder strap

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2 Responses to BLACK+DECKER BDCMTSB Matrix Wide-Mouth Storage Bag

  1. DickLloyd says:

    No brainer if you have the Matrix system 5 Stars for sure, for the price. Its a nice bag anyways, even if someone doesnt have the Matrix system and just wants a compartmentalized bag. Sturdy rugged rubber bottom, and the velcro removable dividers give it some horizontal rigidity. 3 interior pockets on either end, with 2 others in the center. 3 of the pockets have partial bottoms to keep the smaller attachments from falling through and jumbling about the bag, while the rest are more like holsters, letting the tool slip in and rest on…

  2. Mikester says:

    but enough for the 1 bedroom apartment do-it-yourself-now-and-then life I lead) I realized it was perfect for my needs I was confused by this bag at first because I assumed it would have pockets specifically sized for the Matrix BDCDMT120 …… I don’t have any of the attachments, just the basic drill, but I mean that is the core item so I just figured the bag would accomodate that piece. But the stiff divider thingies don’t have very many positions to choose from and none of them create a compartment that is right-sized for the drill, none of the straps around the inside of the bag seemed to either. However,…