BLACK+DECKER BDCF20 20-Volt Flashlight

BLACK+DECKER BDCF20 20v Flashlight is a handy, powerful light up to 70 lumens, for up to 11 hours of runtime for all types of tasks. The articulating LED bulb runs on a 20v lithium battery (battery not included).

Product Features

  • Up to 70 lumens
  • Up to 11 hours of runtime
  • Articulating LED
  • Battery not included

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2 Responses to BLACK+DECKER BDCF20 20-Volt Flashlight

  1. Shawn H. says:

    Even better than expected I have several tools using the same battery and have been quite impressed. I now have 2 of these flashlights and know that I will have it ready to go when needed. I tested it with a fully charged battery, leaving the flashlight on overnight. I expected it to run out of juice before I woke up in the morning but it was still on at full brightness. It lasted over 13 hours straight before needing to switch out the battery, and it keeps its full brightness until close to the end. The…

  2. The Traveller says:

    Good light, surprisingly useful and lasts a really long time per charge. Not quite what I expected, but not bad either. It’s surprisingly light, doesn’t inspire confidence but the materials feel decent – not like brittle cheap plastic. The rubberized handle and such feel well made. As a light, it’s not overly bright and the beam isn’t very focused. These are good things as it lends itself to lighting up a work area (small work area, not a room) without being blinding and without a bright focus spot. My Dewalt for example, is blazingly bright and very focused,…