Black & Decker TV209095 CRDLS Saw Repl Chain, 10″

10″, cordless saw replacement chain, use for 20V cordless chain saw, #Lcs1020, TV #190-067 this product is manufactured in China.

Product Features

  • Cordless saw replacement chain
  • Use for 20V cordless chain saw
  • This product is manufactured in china

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One Response to Black & Decker TV209095 CRDLS Saw Repl Chain, 10″

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bought this as a back-up for the saw I recently purchased. I haven’t had to use it yet and maybe won’t ever have to. (I’m old.) Has the Black+Decker name and hopefully that brand name will represent the same quality that all their products normally aspire to.Price is exorbitant compared to the other available replacements but I was in a hurry that day I made the order. My fault, but I am going to keep it to ensure the fit and use. If it doesn’t work out I will raise some h— and edit…