Best to Buy New 20inch Chain Saw Chain 325 Pitch .058 Gauge 76 Drive Links Spare Replacement husqvarna chainsaw mill ripping chain worx parts greenworks

Description: Sharp blade, quickly cut wood Stay sharper longer Surface hardening process, make the product more wear-resistant Tilt stopper teeth, reduce recoil Easy maintenance, handy work Specification: Material: Metal Size: 20″ Links:76 Pitch: .325″ Chain gauge: .058″ Fitment: Suitable for:caton, origen steele chain saw 52/58 Package Included: 1 X 20″ Chainsaw Chain

Product Features

  • Sharp blade, quickly cut wood. Stay sharper longer.
  • Surface hardening process, make the product more wear-resistant..
  • Safety of sawing, effectively improve the efficiency of your work.
  • Fit for:Generic(According to gauge, pitch, the number of drive links of you old chain)
  • Please make sure you check your old chain before ordering the new chain, it is vital you count the number of drive links on you old chain and check the gauge & pitch.

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