Benchusch 5-inch Utility Knife and 8-Inch Scissors

Benchusch KNSCS-BCI 5-inch Utility Knife & 8-inch Multifunction Detachable Kitchen Shears Set is a wonderful investment for yourself or even as a gift for your family.

Professional 5-inch Utility Knife is thoroughly researched and developed based on ICE HARDENED treatment – a special additional heat treatment by Germany technology. This process is required to get full hardness from most stainless steel knife and improve stain resistance. Therefore, the knife become more durable and the anti-corruption ability better than other common knives. In addition, the cutting knife blade is hand honed in order to keep a lasting edge and reduce opportunity for metal fatigue. Absolutely, this utility knife is good for miscellaneous cutting jobs that are too small for a chef knife and too large for a paring knife.

Moreover, we are confident that you will also love Benchusch Multifunction Come-Apart Kitchen Shears. The sharp cutting blades are equipped with heavy-duty and effortless cutting of the poultry, to snipping the most delicate herbs; they can be taken apart for easily cleaning. Besides that, with the innovative design, this item can be used for scaling fish, peeling vegetables, removing bottle caps or cracking seafood and nuts. These kitchen scissors also come with an ergonomic non-slip grip to promote precise results, ultimate control, and safe use.

With all these great features to keep in mind, the Benchusch KNSCS-BCI Professional Knife & Scissors Set is worthy to be in your kitchen place. Give them the opportunity to bring you marvelous experiences of high quality results for every meal.

Product Features

  • IDEA COMBINATION BETWEEN CLASSIC STYLE AND MORDEN TECHNOLOGY: this admirable set include 5-inch Utility Knife and 8-inch Multifunction Kitchen Shears which have traditional design so they seem to be familiar with your daily kitchen jobs; Inside the classical style is the power of premium material and morden technology – make them more strength, durable & never rust by time
  • UTILITY KNIFE WITH PRO-QUALITY BLADE: Crafted with professional German stainless steel, the superior sharp blade works great for miscellaneous cutting jobs like slicing tomatoes, splitting peppers, or even cutting meat. This handcrafted blade is produced based on ICE HARDENED treatment and beveled carefully on both sides – will make the knife more durable, increase cutting efficiency and also retain its sharpness for many years without the need of re-sharpening
  • MULTIFUNCTION SCISSORS WITH COME-APART DESIGN: equipped with razor-sharp blade for heavy-duty and effortless cutting; serrated sections in comfortable grips for opening tough-sealed bottles; ideal for scaling, peeling, removing caps or even cracking shells; the unique design allow them to come apart for your convenient cleanup
  • ELEGANT GIFT BOX: this convenient set comes with a premium packaging which is really an ideal gift for housewarming, anniversaries, wedding…or even for yourself

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