3.6V Cordless Mower with 70Mm Cutting Blade for Lithium Ion Batteries (Trimming Shears with Handle and Roller Attachment) Household Electric Lawn Mower,A

The 36 lithium electric lawn mower quickly shrubs, shaping hedges and cutting the edge of the lawn.
Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the stunning 3.6V hedge and edge trimming scissors provide complete wireless freedom, so there’s no need to worry about getting close to the power supply or wrapping it around the wires.
The scissors are equipped with two interchangeable blades, a lawn mower and a shrub shear. Mowing will make the edge of the lawn easy to work with a cutting width of 70 mm.
Shrub shears are ideal for shrubs and shaped hedges. They have a 137 mm incision that can cut shrubs up to 8 mm in diameter.
The scissors are equipped with a mounting charger, two safety guards, handles and wheels that allow you to trim the lawn without bending or bending.

Product Name: 36 lithium electric lawn mower
Blade quality: 65# manganese steel blade
Rated voltage: 4VDC
Battery Li-LON / -3.6V / 2.0Ah
Cutting length: trim 100M cutting grass 70MM
Product speed: 1000pm
Single working time: 60 minutes
Battery charging time: 3-5 hours
Bare metal weight: 0.52 kg
Handle and wheel weight: 0.46kg

Product Features

  • * Manganese steel blade cutting grass pruning, 3.6V rechargeable lithium battery trimmer, replaceable double-edged blade: double-sided boring with manganese steel blade, optimized cutting, double-sided on both sides of the road The blade design is multi-directional and multi-angle improves cutting efficiency.
  • *ABS engineering plastics: The main material of the fuselage is ABS engineering plastic material hard, not afraid of falling, more durable.
  • * Single-handle and double-switch design: Double-switch button design prevents misoperation and protects the user’s safety single-handle design, making it easier and more convenient to use.
  • *Note: When using, first press the small button on the side (press and hold) and then press the main switch below. The compact battery charger is full of a battery for 35 hours, which is more worry-free.
  • *Applicable to: trimming bonsai, twigs, small area lawn trimming work.

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