18V 2.0Ah Replace Makita NI-CD Battery 1823 1834 1835 192826-5 192827-3 192829-9 194105-7 PA18 1822 Cordless Tools

We specialize in designing and manufacturing varieties of Power Tool batteries with high quality and competitive price. Your satisfaction is on the top of our agenda.

1. Batteries’ functions are the same as the original products.
2. Batteries are made with the highest quality cells, safe with rapid-charge technology.

Compatible with:
For MAKITA 1822, PA18, 192826-5, 192827-3.

Fit Model:Please enter(CTRL+F)to find your model.
for MAKITA 18 Volt Cordless Drill Driver Power Tool 5046DWDE, 5046DWFE, 5620DWD, 5621DWA, 5621DWD, 4334D, 4334DWA, 4334DWAE, 4334DWD, 4334DWDE, 5026DA, 5026DB, 5026DWA, 5026DWB, 5026DWD, 5026DWFE, 5036DA, 5036DB, 5036D,WA, 5036DWB, 5036DWD, 5036DWFE, 5046DA, 5046DB, 5046DWA, 5046DWB, 5046DWD, 5621RDWA, 6343D, 6343DBE, 6343DWA, 6343DWB, 6343DWDE, 6343DWFE, 6347D, 6347DWAE, 6347DWDE, 6347DWFE, 6349DWDE, 6349DWFE, 6390DWAE, 6391D, 6391DWPE, 6936FD, 6936FDWDE, 8390DWAE, 8391DWPE, 8443D, 8443DWAE, 8443DWDE, 8443DWFE, 8444DWDE, 8444DWFE, BMR100, JR180D, JR180DWA, SC190DWDE, UB181D, UB181DZ, JR180DWAE, JR180DWB. JR180DWBE, JR180DWD, JR180DWDE, LS711D, LS711DWA, LS711DWBEK, LS711DZ, LS800D, LS800DWA, LS800DWAE, LS800DWB, LS800DWBE, LS800DWD, LS800DZ, LS800WB, ML183 (Flashlight).

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do to help in time so that we can solve the problems more effectively

Product Features

  • Battery Type: Ni-CD Voltage: 18V Capacity: 2000mAh Color: Red
  • Fully compatible with makita 1822 series cordless power tools and replacement 1822 1823 1834 1833 batteries
  • Products are CE certified, tested by manufacturer to match OEM products
  • Build-in Smart Technology: Integrated microchip prevents overcharging, over discharge, over current, provides short circuit protection and steady voltage circuit, all of these lengthen battery life and protect the battery.
  • GERIT BATT offers a 30-day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty under normal use conditions.

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  1. Allan G. Peck says:

    Very satisfied. Longevity will give this 5 stars

  2. Scott Bailey says:

    Five Stars